Welcome to Pengwern Boat Club


Join Pengwern and you’re not just joining another faceless sports club – we’re a real community, and we’d love to welcome you. So, if you’ve had a taster already and are looking to come aboard, then take a look below at the classes of membership we have. And don’t forget that even if you stay on land, there are still plenty of ways you can be part of Pengwern; from maintenance activities to helping with our annual regatta,  there is always much to be involved in. 

If you’re a beginner or unsure of what membership is right for you, then contact us first to discuss the options available.



Senior£340.00 (or £29 per month)
Under 26£170.00 (or £14.50 per month)
Junior£170.00 (or £14.50 per month)
Full-time student£170.00 (or £14.50 per month)
Life (20 years as Senior)£170.00 (or £14.50 per month)
Adaptive£116.00 (or £10 per month)
One Day per week£116.00 (or £10 per month)
Sports (use of gym, circuits and ergs)£116.00 (or £10 per month)

*Please note that the monthly instalment option is provided to enable members to spread the full cost of an annual subscription over the whole year

Hope to see you soon at the Club!